1 Wood – Backyard Adventures uses all cedar wood, a premium lumber for outdoor use. Our cedar is free of toxic chemicals and certified to meet and exceed all ASTM standards for play set construction materials. Our lumber suppliers practice sustainable forestry

to ensure long-term renewability and a healthy environment. Our cedar is superior in strength and durability so your play set will last longer. Cedar is naturally resistant to bug infestation, rot, and decay.

2 Flex walls – Our flex walls represent Backyard Adventures’ commitment to innovation and simplicity. Now you can easily add accessories anytime by simply removing a flex wall panel to create an activity zone.

3 Compression clamps – The key structure joints on our Treehouse Series and many accessories are secured with compression clamps for incredible strength. Our compression clamps have tested twice as strong as traditional bolt-through joints. The all new 90 degree and in-line compression clamps ensure a strong and rigid play set.

4 Floors – Treehouse floors are built just like your house! The floor joists, brand new shear hangers, and recessed floor design create a solid footing. Our floors are noticeably stronger, ensuring safe play for years to come.

5 Steel swing supports – The steel top plate and side strips are additional safety features against board failure. At Backyard Adventures, your family’s safety is always our top priority.

6 Thick chains – Our exclusive ¼” powder-coated chains are noticeably thicker and stronger.

7 Safe slides – Our exclusive Rocket Slide is intelligently designed with high side walls and a safe exit so even your younger children can slide with confidence.

8 Marine rope (no splintering) – Our rope is marine grade for outdoor use. It does not splinter like cheaper ropes so little hands always have a secure, soft grip.

9 Adjustable height swing beams, monkey bars, and forts (Peak Series) – Our play sets are designed for relatively un-level backyards. We offer many features that adjust to fit the unique contours of your landscape.

10 Heavy duty swing hangers – Our commercial grade ductile swing hangers are the strongest swing hangers used on backyard play sets.

11 High quality stain – Our premium stain enhances the natural beauty of cedar and protects it from the elements.

12 Safety grip chains – The chains on our belt swings, infant swings, and toddler buckets are specifically designed for smaller hands with a comfortable rubber coating.

13 Quarry Climbers – These incredible rock climbing holds were hand sculpted by professional rock climbers. Quarry Climbers can be rotated to change the climbing experience as your children get older.

14 Arched walls – Arched walls make entering a play set easier and create a safer play area by not leaving our forts wide open.

15 Grab handles – Grab handles are strategically placed around the play set to ensure a safe play experience for your children.